#0037 - New place?

I have only worked out once in the last 2 weeks even after promising myself that I would do it every other day, planning for it, getting up on time, and still not meeting my goal.

What went wrong?

I know the 2-minute rule, which says that tasks are supposed to be made so easy that it takes only 2-minutes to begin. Once we begin, we anyway complete most tasks. I’d asked my friend for a yoga mat that’s resting right next to my bed.

I also have health as my priority, and realize the importance of working out regularly towards my health. My mental peace is clearly affected when I’m not following through.

What then, you ask?

The current problem seems to be the new environment I’m finding myself in. As I’m getting used to Bangalore living in my friends place, I’m finding it difficult not just to continue exercising, but also continuing to read, which I’d started just a month before getting here.

The novelty of new environments seem to be disruptive of habits, at least for me. One time I definitely realized this was the initial phase of the lockdowns due to Covid-19. I’m sure all of us continued doing whatever we were upto before, just to a greater extent.

Is it that or am I just using a lazy excuse?